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[jee-nee-ol-uh-jee, -al-, jen-ee-]-noun -a record or account of the ancestry and descent of a person, family, group, etc.


ADAMS - father
BYRNES - mother
CLINTON - mother
DENNISTON - mother
More DENNISON's - mother
GENTNER - mother
LEISTEN - inlaws
McCORMICK - mother
MILLER - father
MUSCH - inlaws
NORTON - mother
O'REILLY - mother
REPARD - father
RICHMOND - father
STONE - mother
TUETE - inlaws
VAN DONGEN - inlaws
VOGEL - mother
WORDEN - husband



was born 1664 in of Paisley, Scotland,
and died August 15, 1723 in Drumeel, Longford, IRE.
  • i. DANIEL2 DENNISTON, d. Bef. 1769, Ulster, NY; m. SOPHIA.
  • vi. HUGH DENNISTON, b. 1710, Longford, Ireland; d. December 30, 1785, Albany, New York.
    b. 1700, Edgeworthstown, Longford, IRL;
    d. 1755, Orange County, New York.
    b. 1705, Scotland;
    d. December 25, 1779, Little Britain, Orange County, NY.

b. 1700, Edgeworthstown, Longford, IRL;
d. 1755, Orange County, New York.
Married:1) Elizabeth BEATTY on August 22, 1721 2) FRANCES LITTLE
  • Daughter of George LITTLE
  • Sister of Archibald and James LITTLE

Came to America Aboard "The George and Anne"
  • George DENNISTON
  • Alexander DENNISTON
  • William DENNISTON b) 1736 d)1825
  • Charles DENNISTON
  • Elizabeth DENNISTON
  • Catherine DENNISTON

William DENNISTON b) 1744 in Little Brittan, Orange Co, NY
d) October, 1825 in Dennistons Crossing, Fallsburg, NY
m) Bef. 1768 in New Windsor, Orange Co. NY.
Hannah/Fanny LITTLE b)January 07, 1831; daughter of Archibald LITTLE and Sarah WOOD

  • Isaac DENNISTON b) 1773 d) 1853
  • Andrew DENNISTON
  • Levi DENNISTON bap) 1783
  • Alexander DENNISTON bap) 1789
  • Gilbert DENNISTON bap) 1785
  • Mary DENNISTON bap) 1781
  • Archabald DENNISTON (daughter Hannah Denniston MEAD d) Oct.13,1841 bur)Liberty NY)
  • John Gilbert DENNISTON b) 1785 d)1861
  • Two children unknown

John Gilbert DENNISTON b) January 02, 1785 in Little Brittain
d) 1861 in HillTop, Sullivan Co. NY>
Sarah WHEELER b) June 1785 d) September 01, 1862 in Fallsburg, NY
relocated to Hill Top, Sullivan Co.,NY

  • Edward DENNISTON
  • Wheeler DENNISTON
  • Alexander DENNISTON
  • Marquis de Lafayette DENNISTON (referred to as Marcus in some documents)
  • John Gilbert DENNISTON b) Sept.15,1820 m) Mary HALL Mar.19,1844 M2) Cera M. Gates d) Nov.13,1902 at Fallsburg, NY
  • George DENNISTON
  • Julliette DENNISTON
  • Hannah Jane DENNISTON

Marquis de Lafayette DENNISTON AKA Marcus d) 1850
relocated to Fallsburg,NY
HILL b) November 19, 1822 Redding, CT d) May 5,1913 Rochester, Monroe Co. NY.
m 2) John GOODSELL

  • Juliette DENNISTON
  • James P. DENNISTON b) Feb 3,1845 d) Mar.3,1920

James P. DENNISTON b) February 03, 1845 in Fallsburg, NY
d) March 02, 1920 at Soldiers and Sailors Hosp. Penn Yan, NY.
relocated Calicoon, Barryville, Rochester, NY
Ruby Evaline NORTONb) January 10, 1851 in Geneseo, NY
d) July 18, 1925 Burried, Rochester, NY
m) Oct.9,1867 at Clarkston, MI

  • Adolph Lynn DENNISTON b) Mar.10,1875 m) Minnie STROMBERG Sept.8,1907
    d) Sept.7,1946 Plainfield, NJ.
  • George Hill DENNISTON b) July 24,1876 d) Oct.1,1949
  • James Tiffany DENNISTON b)Jan.27,1879 d) Mar.9,1928
  • Ray M. DENNISTON B) Feb.20,1890 m) Alta GRADY d) Dec.23,1945
  • Barlow de Bonville DENNISTON died young

Adolf Lynn Denniston was born Mar 10, 1875 in Parryville, NY, and died Sep 07, 1946 in Plainfield, NJ.
He married Minnie Stromburg Sep 18, 1907.

  • Adolf Lynn Denniston, born Oct 02, 1916.
  • Alfred Denniston, born Jan 02, 1910.
  • Alice May Denniston, born Jul 23, 1914.
  • Robert Fredrick Denniston, born 1920.

James Tiffany Denniston was born Jan 27, 1879, and died Mar 09, 1928.
He married Clara .

  • Winifred Denniston, born Jan 17, 1903; died Nov 2000 in New York State.
    • She married Clark Miller.
  • Ruby E. Denniston, born Aug 19, 1900.
  • Tiffany N. Denniston, born Nov 23, 1905; died Sep 13, 1964 in Albion, NY.
  • Robert Henry Denniston, born Mar 11, 1909; died Apr 14, 1973 in Albion, NY.
  • Musy O. Denniston, born Jan 13, 1911.
  • Frank C. Denniston, born Nov 18, 1914.
  • Ethel M. Denniston, born Nov 18, 1914.

George Hill DENNISTON b) July 24, 1876 in Calicoon Station, NY
d) October 01, 1949 in Cheshire, Ontario Co. NY.
Lulu Katherine
VOGEL b) February 23, 1876 in Rochester, Monroe Co. NY.
d) July 01, 1931 in Clifton Springs, Ontario Co. NY. m) April 29, 1895 in Rochester, Monroe Co. NY.

  • Barbara DENNISTON b) November 13, 1895 m) Lewis HOLTZ
  • Hellen DENNISTON b) March 08, 1897 m)1 William H. ALLEN 2) Myles SEYK
  • Estelle DENNISTON b) April 14, 1899 m) Robert RITZ
  • Maurice DENNISTON b) September 10, 1901 m) Clara BURNHART
  • George Hill DENNISTON b) October 27, 1908 m) Ina TRIMBLE
  • Ruth Elizabeth DENNISTON b)February 10, 1906 d)1971 m) John PIERCE
  • Dorothy Stroble DENNISTON b) February 27, 1911 d) 1964
  • James V. DENNISTON b) July 01, 1912 m) Mildred GOODMAN
  • Edward DENNISTON b) October 08, 1914 m) Helen OSTRANDER
  • Julia Jane DENNISTON b) July 16, 1916 m) William KEYS
  • Charles DENNISTON b) December 28, 1917 m) Mildred SMITH
  • Sidney DENNISTON b) June 22, 1919 m1) Paul ROCKEFELLER 2) Herbert SMITH
  • John DENNISTON b) August 15, 1924 m1) Dorothy // 2) Fern PARKER

Ray M. Denniston was born Feb 20, 1890 in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY, and died Dec 23, 1945.
He married Alta Raechel Grady Jan 29, 1913.

  • Wanda Denniston

The DENNITON Family according to " Burke's History of the Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland "

The DENNISTOUN family had land in Renfrewshire under a charter of Malcolm IV who died in 1165 and is supposed to have descended from one Danziel or Danial, probably of Norman extraction, who called his estate Daniel's Town and assumed therefrom his surname. After passing through various changes, including DANILSTON, DANYELSTON, DANNELSTOUN, and others the name finally took its present form of DENNISTOUN about the end of the 16th century.

The recorded genealogy of the family begins with Sir Hugh de Danzielstoun who flourished during the wars of the Scottish Succession, and with other patriotic barons accorded a reluctant submission to the victorious Edward I of England in 1296. His daughter Joanna or Janet married Sir Adam MURE of Rowallan and was the mother of Elizabeth MURE who married King Robert II and was the ancestor of a long line of Stuart kings. This led to the motto "Kings came from us, not we from kings.".

Sir John de DANIALSTOUN, son and successor of Sir Hugh,styled himself " Lord Fynlanistoun, Danyelstoun and Klymoloog ". He rendered unswerving service to King David II who reigned from 1329 to 1370 and was the constant associate in arms of his illustrious Father-in-Law, the Earl of Wigton, and of the brave Sir Robert Erskine. Offices of trust were showered upon him, and the accession of his relative, King Robert II in 1370 was followed by new honors and by grants of many splendid baronies. He was for many years the High Sheriff of Dumbartonshire, and Governor of Dumbarton Castle, the strongest fortress in the kingdom, and was one of the Lords of Parliment who concurred in the settlement of the crown upon the descendants of his niece, Elizabeth.

Sir Robert Danzeielstoun, son and successor to Sir John was one of the youths selected in 1337 from the chief families of Scotland as hostages for ransom of King David II and in 1370 was Commission for a treaty of peace with England. He succeeded his father as High Sheriff of Dumbatonshire and Keeper of the Castle. Dying without a son, his thirteen Baronies in six counties of Scotland were divided among his two daughters, from whom sprang the Earl of Glencairn and Farnham, and the baronets of Calderwood and Pollack.

Sir William de Danielstoun of Colgrain, brother and successor to Sir Robert, was held in preferment by King Robert III, who came to the throne in 1390, and by that monarch's eldest son the Earl of Carrick. Robert Danielstoun of Colgrain associated himself with the Earl of Glencairn in his scheming with Henry VIII of England for which he was imprisoned and later pardoned.

John Dennistuon of Colgrain was a zealous adherent to the royal cause during the wars of the Commonwealth and took a prominent part in the last efforts of the Cavaliers of Scotland on behalf of Charles II in 1553.

It is believed that Alexander DENNISTON was a descendant of this family. Another version of the early family history bears this out.

When William the Conqueror invaded England in 1066, it is said that one of his followers was named DeNYSON, and for his services was given land in the north of England near the Scottish border. In time some branch of the DeNYSON family settled in or near Edinborough and became Scotch, changing the name from the Norman version to the Scotch version DENNISTOWN. the actual derivation was from a small town they had built and called Denystown.

For services in Ireland at Enniskellen and elsewhere with William of Orange, the Dennistowns were given grants of land in Ireland and became gentlemen farmers. In 1700 farming in Ireland was not what the Scottish farmers had expected as William of Orange wished to favor his own country, Holland, and exchange English goods for Dutch, much to the sorrow of the Irish farmers. This led to many of them coming to America

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