Denniston Richmond Repard Gentner, Adams, O'Reilly, McCormick, Vogel, Gamble

[jee-nee-ol-uh-jee, -al-, jen-ee-]-noun -a record or account of the ancestry and descent of a person, family, group, etc.


ADAMS - father
BYRNES - mother
CLINTON - mother
DENNISTON - mother
More DENNISON's - mother
GENTNER - mother
LEISTEN - inlaws
McCORMICK - mother
MILLER - father
MUSCH - inlaws
NORTON - mother
O'REILLY - mother
REPARD - father
RICHMOND - father
STONE - mother
TUETE - inlaws
VAN DONGEN - inlaws
VOGEL - mother
WORDEN - husband



The documents relating to the emigration of Col. Charles Clinton and his party on the "George and Anne" are two in number, and consist first, of his diary of the voyage which includes a list of those who died on shipboard, numbering 98, and second, a list of those who comprised the party. Notes of Col. Clinton's memoranda are not entirely understandable. They are here given as written at the end of each paragraph and the names contained in a paragraph are believed to represent a family group, including servants.

Col Clinton's list as follows: A memorand of the families on board.

Mr. Garrit Cruise, Mr. Little, Easter Little, William Little, Thomas Little, Frances Little, Gerge Little, James Little, Archiball Little, John Little, Henery Willson, Thoms Coeck; 21

Robt Gray, Mary Gray, Abraham Little; No which makes 13.

Thomas Armstrongh, Jean Armstrongh, John Youngh, Willm Armstrongh, Margery Armstrongh, Jean Armstrongh Junior; Isabella McChurchill, Pattk McKenna; 8.

James Majore, Jean Majore, Barbara Majore, Willm Majore, Mathew Majore, Sarragh Majore, Hugh Majore, John Majore; No 8 for 5 pass.

James Dowell, Pattk McDowell, Margery McDowell, Matthew McDowel, Margaret McDowel, Margery McDowel George McDowel, Sarragh McDowell; 8 for 4 passes.

Willm Hamilton, Mary Hamilton, Sarragh Hamilton, Elizabeth Hamilton, Hugh Hamilton, Mary Hamilton, Margaret Hamilton, James Brown, Richd Welsh, Robt Todd, James Wilson 7 for 11 passes.

Thomas deLapp, Rose deLapp, James deLapp, Mary deLapp, Cattrine deLapp, Issabel Johnston; 4 for 6 passes.

Andrew McDowel, Elinor McDowel, Mary McDowel, William McDowel, James McDowel, Jean McDowel, James Cowin, Sarragh Mc Dowil, Margaret McDowil; 6 for 9 pas.

Robt Freasier, Margret Freasier, John Freasier, Sarragh Frasier, Willm Frasier, Agnes Frasier, Elizabeth McCatchin; 3 for 7 pas.

Rob.t Gray, Mary Gray; 2 for 2 pas.

James Tomson, Mary Tomson,Willm Tomson; 3 for 4 pas.

Abrham Little, Jean Little, Richd Little; 3 for 3 pas.

Andrew McClaherry, Mary McClaherry, John Park; 3 for 3 pas. Mathew McClaherty, Margret McClaherty, Mary McClaherty Junr, Sarrah McClaherty, Margret Park, Mathew McClaherty, Junr., Thom.s McClahery, Joseph McClahery, Samuel Beatty; 9 for 9 pas.

Joseph Crawford, Mary Crawford; 2 for 2 pas.

John McCoy; 1 for 1 pas.


John Beatty, Mary Beatty, Archaboll Beatty, Arthur Beatty, John Beatty, Mary Beatty, Allexand.r Beatty, Jean Beatty, Willm Beatty, John Oliver, Ann Oliver, 7 for 11.

John Brooks, Mary Brooks, Thoms Brooks, Jean Brooks, John Brooks, Jun; 5 for 2; 1/2.

Charles Clinton, Eliz. Clinton, Kathrin, a child of 4 years old, James a child of 2 years old; Will.m a boy of ten years old; Gorge Morrow, Eliz. Garret, Alex Denniston, Eliz. Denniston, Edmund Norris, William Norris, a boy of ten years old; Jean Steal, Christian Beatty, Char. Beatty, 12 years old, Mary Beatty, 10 years old; John Beatty, 2 years old; Martha Beatty; 17 for 13 P.

Pattk McClahery; 1 for 1 pass.

Willm Gray; 1 for 1 pas.

Alexander Mitchel, Margret Mitchel, James Mitchel, Willm Mitchel, Thoms Mitchel, John Mitchel, Robert Mitchel, Walter Mitchel, Margret Smith, Senr, 9 for 5 pas.

Willm Gordon, Mary Gordon, Ann Gordon; 3 for 2 pass.

Edward Barton, Grace Barton; 2 for 2 pas.

Joseph Stafford, John Ledham; 2 for 2 pas.

"A Journal of my voyage and Travels from the County of Longford in the Kingdom of Ireland to Pennsylvania, in America, A.D. 1729. I took my Journey from The County of Longford, on Friday the M day of May; came to Dublin ye 12th ditto. Entered on shipboard the ship called the George and Ann, ye 18th. Sett sail the 20th.

"Came to anchor at Glenarm on the 24th, where Matthw. McClaughry and his wife and two of his family went on shoar and quit their voyage.

"Set sail from Glenarm on ye 25th and came to anchor at Green Castle, in the Lough of Foyle, the 26th, where we stay'd till ye 29th; then sett sail in company with the John of Dublin bound for Newcastle in the same country.

"Ditto. Came in sight of Loughsuly (Lough Swilly) ye 30 th. Sail'd by Tory (Tory island) and Horn-head.

"On the 30th, at night, a strong wind arose, ye continued to ye first of June at evening which Loosened our Bowsprit with Hazard of our masts.

"June 2d we had a fair breeze for our westerly course.

"On the 3d ditto my daughter Catharine and son James fell sick of the measles.

"A strong gale of westerly wand continues to ye 10th ditto.

"James Wilson's child died ye 5th.

"On the 7th met ye Mary from Pennsylvania from which she sail'd to us in 5 weeks and 5 days.

"On the 8th ditto a child of James McDowel's died and was thrown overboard.

"on the 10th ye wind came to East and be South.

"On ye llth changed more Easterly and continues fair and seasonable.

"On the 12th the wind blew North and be East, a fresh gale bywhich we sail'd 40 leagues in 20 hours, and found we were in 49 degrees 20 minutes North Latitude by observation.

My son James, on ye 28th of August, 1728 at 7 In ye morning.
A son of James Majore's.
A brother of Andrew McDowell's.
Two daughters of James Mc Dowell's.
A daughter of Walter Davis's.
Robert Frazer.
Patt McCann, servant to Tho. Armstrong.
Will Hamilton.
James Greer, servant to Alex. Mitchell.
Widow Gordon's daughter.
James Mondy died Thursday,llth of September.
A servant of Mr. Cruisels.
A son of James Beaty's.
Fran. Nicholson
A sister of Andrew McDowell's.
A daughter of John Beatty's (See John Beatty above)
Two of Mr. Cruise's men servants.
Margarey Armstrong. (daughter of Thos. Armstrong)
A servant of Mr. Cruise's.
Two of John Beatty's children.
Jamei Thompson's wife.
James Brown.
A daughter of James McDowell's
A daughter of Thos. Delap's.
A servant of Mr. Cruise's.
A child of Widow Mitchell's.
John Oliver's wife.
James Majore's eldest daughter.
John rook, a sailor.
Joseph Stafford.
John McDowell.
John Beatty.
Andrew McDowell's sister.
James Wilson's wife.
James McDowell's wife.
Sarah Hamilton, Will Hamilton's sister.
Thos. Armstrong, died Monday ye 29th of September.
John Beatty's wife.
Isabella Johnston.
Edward Norris.
Margaret McClaughry.
Widow Frazer's daughter.
Andrew McDowell's brother.
Joseph Mclaughry.
Mattw McClaughry.
A young sister of Andrew McDowel
Thom Delap. and his daughter Catherine.
James Barkly.

"Discovered land on ye Continent of America ye 4th day of October, 1728.

Armstrong Captain Thomm-with his wife, Jane, and children, Margery and Jane, and servant, all of whom died on the voyage except Mrs Jane Armstrong, who died at Little Britain in 1762.
Armstrong, William settled in Warwick, where he died in 1805. He was but a boy when he came to America.
Beatty, Christiana, widow Charles C. Beatty. Her son became a noted preacher.
Beatty, John-himself, wife and five children died.
Barkly, James-died. Family presumed to have settled in Montgomery or Crawford.
Brooks, John-Two children of, died. (John Brooks settled in Little Britain.-now Hamptonburgh.
Brown, James- died.
Cowan, Thomas-died.
Nicholson, Francs -died. Family settled in Little Britain.
Col. John Nicholson, of Montgomery, who served in the campaign against Canada, was of his stock.
Norris, Edward-died.
Oliver, John-wife of, died. Settled at Little Britain.
David Oliver was a member of Ellison's militia company in 1738.
Stafford, Joseph-died.
Thompson, James-wife and three children, died on the voyage.
Todd, Robert-died.
Wilson, James-wife and child of, died on the voyage.
Young, John- Settled at Little Britain.

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