Denniston Richmond Repard Gentner, Adams, O'Reilly, McCormick, Vogel, Gamble

[jee-nee-ol-uh-jee, -al-, jen-ee-]-noun -a record or account of the ancestry and descent of a person, family, group, etc.


ADAMS - father
BYRNES - mother
CLINTON - mother
DENNISTON - mother
More DENNISON's - mother
GENTNER - mother
LEISTEN - inlaws
McCORMICK - mother
MILLER - father
MUSCH - inlaws
NORTON - mother
O'REILLY - mother
REPARD - father
RICHMOND - father
STONE - mother
TUETE - inlaws
VAN DONGEN - inlaws
VOGEL - mother
WORDEN - husband


My STONE Roots

Rev. Samuel STONE d) at Hereford, Surrey, England

  • William b) circa 1608 d) Nov.16,1683 Guilford, CT.

William STONE
Hannah ? d) 1655
second marriage Mary HUGHES

  • William b)1642 d) Sept.28,1730

William STONE
Hannah WOLFE m) Feb.20,1674 d) Mar.28,1712
Father: Edward WOLFE

  • William b) Mar.22,1676 d) Sept.21,1753

William STONE
Sarah HATCH b) May 17,1682 m) Oct.28,1761 d) Nov.28,1761
Father: Jonathan HATCH
Mother: Abigail or Bethia WEEKS
second marriage Mary ?

  • Jehiel STONE b) Nov.11,1704 d) Oct.18,1780

Jehiel STONE
Ruth WHITE b) Sept.28,1703 m) June 10,1730 d) Mar.28,1774
Father: Daniel WHITE
Mother: Sussanna MOULD
second marriage Widow Elizabeth HOTCHKIN CHITTENDEN m) Mar.9,1761
third marriage Submit BENTON

  • Sarah STONE b) Sept.2,1732 d) Mar.20,1816

Source: "The Family of William Stone" by Edward P. Stone Sr.

Many thanks to cousin Barb G. for all her years of research and record keeping
Whithout which all this would not be possible

The Ancestors of Nila Repard

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