Denniston Richmond Repard Gentner, Adams, O'Reilly, McCormick, Vogel, Gamble

[jee-nee-ol-uh-jee, -al-, jen-ee-]-noun -a record or account of the ancestry and descent of a person, family, group, etc.


ADAMS - father
BYRNES - mother
CLINTON - mother
DENNISTON - mother
More DENNISON's - mother
GENTNER - mother
LEISTEN - inlaws
McCORMICK - mother
MILLER - father
MUSCH - inlaws
NORTON - mother
O'REILLY - mother
REPARD - father
RICHMOND - father
STONE - mother
TUETE - inlaws
VAN DONGEN - inlaws
VOGEL - mother
WORDEN - husband


Notes for the Worden Family

Notes for PETER WORDEN: Occupation Blacksmith.

Birth years vary from 1820, 1832, 1834 and 1837. Minnie's bible says 1832, death certificate (info supplied by daughter Emma) 1830 died about 91 years old on May 24, 1921.
Marvin moved with his parents from Farmington to Bristol before 1840, living first at Covel Settlement, later on Worden Hill. Then Susan and Marvin moved to Hemlock Lake, Livonia about 1883. He lived on Dorn St Lima, NY from 1915-1920. Then he lived in Livonia at his daughter's (Emma Simpson) home till he died. Marvin was a farmer. He was also a "herb doctor". Neither Marvin or Susan could read or write.
Marvin was a soldier in the Civil War and received a pension in later years. (Application #192278, cert # 130972) Private Company G 148th NY Infantry Enlisted Sept 4, 1862, discharged June 22, 1865.
Per Civil War Record, Peter was born in Manchester, NY in 1832. Death certificate says born in Farmington.
Worked as a day laborer at or near Manchester,NY Married in Manchester,NY in 1853 per Emma's records Buried at Burbey Hollow Cemetery in South Bristol, NY also known as Smyth Cemetery.
Cause of Death: Cancer of the Face
Medical Information: death certificate: careinoma of right side of faceoriginating in a mole over right eye
Info on death certificate and 1855 census, indicates born 1836 in NYC Orange County, NY. 1865 census for Ontario County says born 1834. Also have 1833 and 1826.
Lived in Hemlock or Livonia at time of death, by blood poisoning.
Cause of Death: Blood Poisioning, felon palm of hand

Per Minnie's bible: born July 21, 1855 and died June 27, 1888 Per Emma's bible: born Dec, 1854 and died June 29, 1889, Lived in Bristol, Had no children. Name possibly spelled Arilla.

Per cousin's letter (Lauren P Worden) Jefferson went to Iowa and became a preacher and was possibly still living in 1950.

Buried at Ferndale Cemetery Canandaigua, NY in Crandall family plot Also have death year as 1905, 1906, 1907
Buried Woodlawn Cemetery Canandaigua NY
Per Bristol historian, Married 10/7/1882 Bristol, NY. Mary A Worden, 20, South Bristol, daughter Warren (Marvin) Worden and Susan Brown to George A Crandall, 25, Livonia; son, Charles Crandall and Letter Duboise.

According to Edith Cuykendall Hill: Henry Shettler and Emma went to Battle Creek Michigan so he could work for his brother, Reuben, who had become a millionaire in Business Machines. Henry didn't want to pay income tax , so he gave his stock to his relatives as well as Emma. As the story goes, Henry had said some bad things regarding "The Black Hand" and they threatened his life. He wanted to move but Emma refused. Henry disappeared and was thought he went down in a boat. Seven years later Emma had his declared dead and Emma remarried. Many years later, Ally (Alwilda Worden Jopson) received a letter from Henry's second wife, that was at this time a widow. So he hadn't died when he disappeared.
Emma and her second husband Henry Simpson, lived in Livonia from 1895 to 1921 when they moved to Lima, NY
Cause of Death: Breast Cancer
Notes for HENRY Simpson:
Died at 78 years old, Buried in Union Cemetery Livonia Center, NY

Notes for ALWILDA WORDEN: Also Have Birth date 1870
April 2, 1950 In the matter of Alwilda W Jopson, deceased and the title to real estate in South Lima, NY Liber 35 of Miscellaneous Records pg 9 (I have this document)
Town of Lima
Chauncey E Jopson and Theodroe Jopson, being duly sworn do depose and say: that they reside in the town of Lima, NY, That they are sons of Alwilda W Jopson, Deceased, who died owning real property in the town of Lima in the section of said town known as South Lima which she purchased from John O'Grady and wife. That the said Alwilda W Jopson died at Lima on the 28th Jan 1950. That the said Alwilda W Jopson was married once and only once. That her husband Chauncey Edward Jopson died at Lima NY 1944. That the said Alwilda W Jopson died intestate she never made a last will and testament. She left her surving six children and the said six children are her only distributees or heirs at law, next of kin. That no child died before Alwilda W Jopson and never adopted a child. That the six children are all competent and of sound mind and all of said children are adults each being over the age of twenty one years. Are as follows: Chauncey, Theodore, Florence Chatterton, Muriel Straub, Ethel Pierson, Mildred Hughes. Alwilda Jopson widow of Edward C Jopson to Alwilda Jopson, first party herein Chauncey E Jopson, her son as joint tenants or owner, the survivor to take. April 27, 1945.
Buried in Union Cemetery, Livonia Center, NY Livingston County

More About ALWILDA WORDEN: Cause of Death: Heart Attack
1900 Ontario County Directory
Lists: Jopson, Edward B Jan 1865 Last birthday 35 farm laborer 8 years married
,Awilda B June 1870 Last birthday 29 Housekeeper
,Chauncey B Jan 1893 Last birthday 7 at school
, Florence B April 1894 Last birthday 6 at school
, Frances Muriel B Dec 1895 Last birthday 4
, Mildred B Aug 1897 Last birthday 2 Chauncey Edward of Bristol and Awilda Worden married at Canandaigua, NY 27 Feb 1892 by S.S. Frasier
Charles and Susan Rickard June 3, 1913 Grant & Release Deed
Alberta Fraser from Feb 19, 1914 to Edward C and Alwilda Jopson on April 1, 1914 Obituary: Edward Jopson, Retired Pincoman, Dies in Home Edward Jopson, well known retired Pinco employee, died at 2:30 p.m., last Thursday, Nov 16, in his home on Evergreen Avenue, following a short illness of pneumonia. He was oneof the long time Pinco workmen, retiring a few years ago because of advancing age. Faithful and loyal in his work, he possessed traits of humor and friendliness, which made him popular with Pinco men. Mr. Jopson was a skilled horseman and was employed at the Willard state hospital farm before coming to Lima around thirty-five years ago. His first employment here was a t Fred Gray's stock farm, Cherry avenue. Mr. Jopson was married in Canandaigua Feb 27, 1892, to Miss Alwilda Worden of Bristol. They celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on Feb 27, 1942 with a large party at their home here given by their children when a purse was presented.
Besides his wife, Mr. Jopson leaves four daughters, Mrs. Muriel Sackett Straub and Mrs. Florence Chatterton of Lima; Mrs. Mildred Hughes, Orangeville, PA; Mrs. Ethel Miller Pierson, Avon; two sons, Chauncey of Rochester and Pvt. Theodore Jopson of U.S.Army; two brothers, John of Willard and Benjamin of Rochester; a sister, Carrie Cooper of Rochester, also twenty four grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Funeral services were held at 2:30p.m. Sunday in Lima. Presbyterian church with the pastor, the Rev J. Roy Albany, officiating. Bearers were W.A. Pullman of Mosses nursery staff, four Pinco men, John McKay, Charles Lamont, S.J. Gillean, Walter Davison; and a neighbor, Miles Rader. Burial was in the Livonia Cemetery.
Buried in Union Cemetery Livonia Center, NY Livingston County

More About CHAUNCY EDWARD JOPSON: Cause of Death: Ruptured Appendix

Notes for PETER MARVIN WORDEN: Also has birth year as 1876

Henry never married.
Is buried at Union Cemetery Livonia Center, NY

Cause of Death: Tuberculosis

Also have birth years as 1859, 1860, 1861.
In 1880 Eliza lived four houses away from William and his parents in Burns, NY, Alleghany County. They married in 1885 and separated about 1894. In 1900 William & son's Lee and Lloyd lived in FEEFB4 Springs NY, Wyoming County. Eliza, Cora and Mabel lived in Livonia along with father Marvin and brother Henry. Eliza lived with daughter Mabel in Buffalo until she died in 1932. She is buried at Ridge Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY Erie County.

In 1880 Eliza lived four houses away from William and his parents in Burns, NY, Alleghany County. They married in 1885 and separated about 1894. In 1900 William & son's Lee and Lloyd lived in FEEFB4 Springs NY, Wyoming County. Eliza, Cora and Mabel lived in Livonia along with father Marvin and brother Henry. Eliza lived with daughter Mabel in Buffalo until she died in 1932.

Was married a second time, unknown name of spouse.
Changed his name from Levi Edwin.

Notes for LLOYD EDWIN BENNET: Changed his name from Freeman Lloyd.
Lloyd lived in Canaseraga NY until about 1894 when his parents searated. Lloyd, his brother Lee and his father, William, moved to FEEFB4 Springs until about 1909. Lloyd left school in his last year to join the Army, near Port Townsend Washington. After WWI, Lloyd and Lee worked in Potlatch Iasho, Garfield and Spokane Washington selling cars. For several years Lloyd ran his own car company and was mayor of Garfield. During WWII worked at an Air Force base near Spokane. He retired in 1950.

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